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Thinking Finance with KJ

Levelling up your baseline in investing!

Investing isn't the easiest thing to do on your own.

"I want to start investing, but what else besides my money do I need?"

"I want to prepare my mind to start, but how can I think about investing in the first place?"

"I want to achieve my investment objectives, but how do I decide among all those choices available out there?"

"I want to do my homework on my stock, but how and where do I even begin?"

"Wait... what is a stock ah?"

If you had all these questions, doubts, and more...
well, you're probably not the only one.

No one wants to start investing without prior knowledge... unless you're THAT brave.

As of today, there is a sea of knowledge out there on investing which you can tap into.

The problem is, if it isn't relevant AND understandable, then it's essentially just a big mess.

On the other hand, if it oversimplifies things, you may not get the complete picture... and might run into problems in future...

We need to hit that sweet spot between what's simple and clear, and what's oversimplified.

Here comes Thinking Finance with KJ!

An investing blogsite catered towards first-time investors, Thinking Finance aims to level up your baseline in investing, so you are better equipped start your journey stronger!

Screenshot 2023-03-16 162608.png

Grappling with jargon & difficult concepts?

Simple explanations and "layman equivalents" provided!

Screenshot 2023-03-16 162608.png

Entire thought process still fuzzy to you?

Numbers & custom-made diagrams to ground your thinking!

Screenshot 2023-03-16 162608.png

Want to explore and level up

even more?

Happy to share what and where else is good for you to look :)

On this blogsite, I will keep things as real as possible.


I will try to show you how things work through the eyes of an actual investor – what I see, how I see it, and what I do with what I see.

Through a mix of theory, numerical illustrations, diagrams and analogies, I hope that Thinking Finance can bring you clarity and value-add on the practical realities investing.

As far as I will try to simplify and clarify investing, do note that I will not dumb it down too much either – that will be a disservice to you, and to the world of investing.


Instead, I will still lay bare to you the different sides of the picture, and give you a proper sense of the complexities to bear in mind.

Given such complexities, my writing on this site will typically be in long-form, hence, it will take some serious reading for you to get through the articles.  Heads up on this.

But make it through, and I believe that you would have meaningfully stretched your mind in relation to investing, and grown as an investor :)

So, how shall we level up your investing baseline today?

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