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A little self-introduction

The name's Kai Jun, but KJ suits me more – it sounds more catchy, it rhymes, and is probably easier to remember.  


I am now in my 3rd year of Undergraduate studies, reading a Double Major in Economics and Public Policy at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  


I currently hold a First Class Honours, and am fortunate to have been placed the Dean's List for my academic performance. 

My interest in investing started in National Service.  With all the time I had, and with the experience-sharing by my colleagues, I decided to start exploring the stock market. 


Fast forward about 4 years later, which has included COVID-19 and the 12-year market bull run collapsing, I am still in the market, and sharing with you about investing.

Other than investing, I am a foodie (especially love those hidden gems), and I also like

photography (of street scenes; of nature).

Having recently started out in the Financial Advisory business, and one of my core beliefs is the power and value-adding nature of knowledge


This is why I have decided to embark on this project – Thinking Finance. 


To empower you, the reader, to be able to think and explore investing on your own, should you choose to do so.

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